12 Jan 2021

Why build a payment capability when the alternative is so much better?

With the acceleration of the move to online platforms, especially since COVID-19, more and more businesses are seeing the value in being able to take…

Online Payments

20 Nov 2020

Taking the pain out of onboarding

The pressure to be able to transact online was intense before COVID-19 hit. Now it’s irresistible. National and regional lockdowns and an enduring…

Online Payments

06 Oct 2020

Give your customers the ability to accept socially-distanced payments, through your software

In the midst of a global pandemic, we’re seeing how social distancing has drastically shifted consumer behaviour. Maintaining a positive cash flow is…

Online Payments

21 Jul 2020

Can Law Firms Remain Compliant, Without Personally Meeting their Clients?

2020 has been a year of huge change to millions of people’s personal lives, but also to the UK economy on a profound level. Here, we’re taking a…

Fraud & Risk Management

15 Jul 2020

The evolution of payments in a customer experience-led world

How software providers can deliver invisible and frictionless transactions that keep their clients’ customers spending Do you remember the last time…

Payment Methods

25 Jun 2020

Online fraud surges, but do merchants have to pick up the bill?

We’re living in unprecedented times. For merchants, the impact of Covid-19 has changed the way they interact with their customers. In order to…

Fraud & Risk Management

08 Jun 2020

Already powering more than 150 million pounds of payments

The Challenge. Whether it is collecting payments for trips, school meals or uniform, managing school payments is a complex task and a huge…

Multi-channel, Payment Methods

01 Jun 2020

Can debt collection be handled effectively and sensitively, during this crisis?

Handling debt collection in these uncertain times is a deeply challenging situation. On one hand, debt collection companies need to consider that…

Fraud & Risk Management

05 May 2020

Can we insulate business payments acceptance against future crisis?

2020 was meant to be a promising year for businesses - Brexit was being finalised, climate change mitigation introduced positive management…

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