21 Jul 2020

Can Law Firms Remain Compliant, Without Personally Meeting their Clients?

2020 has been a year of huge change to millions of people’s personal lives, but also to the UK economy on a profound level. Here, we’re taking a…

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25 Jun 2020

Online fraud surges, but do merchants have to pick up the bill?

We’re living in unprecedented times. For merchants, the impact of Covid-19 has changed the way they interact with their customers. In order to…

Fraud & Risk Management

01 Jun 2020

Can debt collection be handled effectively and sensitively, during this crisis?

Handling debt collection in these uncertain times is a deeply challenging situation. On one hand, debt collection companies need to consider that…

Fraud & Risk Management

05 May 2020

Can we insulate business payments acceptance against future crisis?

2020 was meant to be a promising year for businesses - Brexit was being finalised, climate change mitigation introduced positive management…

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23 Jan 2020

The importance of credit checks when onboarding clients

With recent figures estimating that unpaid invoices across the UK totalling £51.5 billion, credit checking clients during onboarding is a crucial…

Fraud & Risk Management

23 Jan 2020

Why fast, accurate ID checks are crucial for onboarding in the financial sector

Thorough and efficient identity checking at the onboarding stage is crucial for all organisations in the financial industry. All customers must be…

Fraud & Risk Management

10 Dec 2019

Could the removal of passwords offer businesses the competitive edge?

Whether shopping online, using work technology, or accessing lifestyle apps, most of us have clicked on the ‘Forgotten your password’ link in…

Fraud & Risk Management, Online Payments

29 Oct 2019

Supporting Affordability and Vulnerability in the Credit Lifecyle

For both consumers and businesses, data is today’s most valuable commodity. It grants us access to personalised, connected services and enables us to…

Fraud & Risk Management, Multi-channel, Online Payments

23 Jul 2019

Are we moving towards a future without passwords? Frank Abagnale thinks so

Who better to provide an enlightening talk on payment security than the FBI security adviser and former master of identity fraud himself? I was…

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