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Fraud impacts business cashflow. Our Optimize solution is state of the art, quick to install and can transform your business. Call us now or complete the Contact Us Form for an informed discussion.

And for to those who take out a new contract, we’re offering a whole year of FREE know your customer checks* (KYC). Typically, these KYC checks cost between 70p and £1 each. So the value of this free offer to your business could be substantial.  


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Our single platform interrogates data from over 60 vendors.

The single API interrogates data from multiple sources including Experian, TransUnion, LexisNexis and Equifax.

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Easily investigate and interrogate your data

Our Optimize suite allows you to make more accurate automated decisions, whilst giving internal fraud & risk teams access to more advanced workflow and investigation tools, helping to uncover fraudulent patterns of behaviour faster and with greater ease.

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Improve customer acceptance rates

Optimize lets you build highly bespoke payment and customer acceptance strategies by giving you access to over 2000 data points to build into your acceptance criteria. This makes your automated systems better at spotting both genuine and fraudulent transactions.

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Defer fewer genuine transactions with better decision making

Reduce the strain on internal fraud & risk teams by only deferring transactions that do not pass your advanced automated checks. With more data to build into your acceptance criteria, the area of uncertainty is reduced, minimising the number of false positives.

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Easily uncover and decline fraudulent transactions

More advanced automated checks can instantly dismiss obvious fraudulent transactions, whilst advanced link analysis and risk mining technology give your internal fraud & risk teams visual tools to uncover hidden patterns of fraudulent behaviour.

*FREE one year’s KYC checks are subject to a minimum contract period and Trans Union specific. Please discuss terms and conditions with an Account Manager.

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