Securing payments using Pay360’s cloud-based solution at Mansfield District Council


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Published October 2019

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The Challenge

With the security requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, Mansfield District Council were looking to move to a fully hosted and certified card payment solution.

Rather than continuing with their on-site system which required a greater long term outlay, in terms of finance and staff resources, Mansfield District Council preferred a solution which are up to date with the evolving requirements of PCI compliance. .

A fully hosted and certified card payment solution would free up staff from maintaining on-site servers to allow them to address more challenging tasks that would help deliver an improved service.

From the outset, Pay360 by Capita staff delivered regular on-site consultancy in order to ensure that the systems were configured in line with requirements, backed up by weekly project meetings working to PRINCE2 standards.

The Solution

Our fully hosted and certified card payment solution provided Mansfield District Council with the security they required under Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, allowing their staff to spend time addressing challenging tasks, rather than maintaining on-site servers.

Pay360 implemented including a range of convenient payment options including

  • Online
  • By telephone - using an automated service
  • In a Contact Centre - extending to any authorised member of staff with browser access
  • Face-to-face - using card, cash or cheque
  • Income Management: controlling, reconciling and reporting on income collected
  • Collection Networks - payments at Post Office and PayPoint (implemented in October 2016).


The Results

Our Pay360 solution has provided Mansfield District Council with greater flexibility to build a system around the needs of their customers and provide them a better user experience.

The solution allows the team at Mansfield District Council to easily build and maintain their own customised reports, while also configuring the web pages.

Touch tone payment prompts are sent to their in-house team which provides them with greater control for the content and payment options they offer - removing the need to have work carried out by the systems provider, which was formerly the case with their previous solution.

With the planned developments and expanding options the solution offers, it allows Mansfield District Council to adopt new technologies which will offer them greater flexibility for the future. Allowing them to deliver their services, as well as continue to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Here's what Chris Jarvis, Support & Technology Manager at Mansfield District Council has to say:

"We have seen a reduction in card processing costs, with Pay360 offering a blended rate, whereas formerly our charges comprised two separate elements, the transaction rate from the bank and a ‘per-click’ processing charge.

The same applies to the costs associated with payments at the Post Office and PayPoint, where once again, overall costs from Pay360 have delivered a saving of over 7% as compared with our previous provider, with the added bonus that all payments are now handled through a single provider.

The managed service has proved extremely reliable, all backed up by excellent support from the Help Desk. Moreover, Pay360 are able to demonstrate an impressive product roadmap, as outlined at their recent round of annual user groups, which were well-attended and proved an excellent forum and opportunity for networking with other councils.

With the on-going security of cardholder data in mind, we are now considering further options – CallSecure for call centre payments, P2PE (Point to Point Encryption) and installing Chip & PIN devices at outlying offices"



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