Improving student payment experience at Middlesex University


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Published September 2019

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In the first 10 months of using Pay360's payment solutions, Middlesex received in excess of 800 payments totaling in £1.6m being processed.

The Challenge

Middlesex University, a progressive London university who puts their students first, required a convenient, secure and user-friendly system to automate student payments and free up resources.

Each payment was going through their finance office which was taking up to three minutes to process. This was a huge drain on their resources as they have over 40,000 students to service.


The Solution

Our Touch Tone solution provides Middlesex University's customers with a highly secure, convenient, fast and easy to use option to make 24x7 self-service payments using their telephone keypad.

Combining this solution with other payment modules from Pay360 by Capita, Middlesex were able to see some immediate improvement.

Since implementing a combination of our solutions, Pam at Middlesex University has seen improvement in their student experience, here's what Middlesex University has to say:

"The benefit of not having to take telephone payments manually is that we have the capacity to deal with more enquiries overall and this has improved our students experience here at Middlesex University."


The Results

Pay360 have helped the university to save time and money through centralised and efficient management of payments and reporting.

Students were provided with a variety of convenient and secure channels to easily make payments, which mean staff were free to help students with more complex issues and improving the overall experience for their students. 

Middlesex University have been able to reduce risk by using Pay360's Touch Tone solution, rather than taking payments over an insecure line via telephone or face-to-face with other people around - like they used to. 

In the first 10 months of use, in excess of 800 payments totaling £1.6m were processed. With Pay360's Touch Tone solution the finance team are able to see all the transactions to report on them and process any refunds really easily from the system where required.

At peak times such as enrolment, Capita increased the numbers of lines available to meet higher demand.

Here's what Finance Systems and Treasury Manager has to say about the service:

"We are very happy with this service from Pay360 by Capita and hope to see greater utilisation as students become more familiar with the functionality."

Watch the video below to see what Middlesex University has to say here:


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