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Published June 2020

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The Challenge.
Whether it is collecting payments for trips, school meals or uniform, managing school payments is a complex task and a huge administrative burden. SIMS wanted a solution to help schools manage this more effectively whilst giving parents the choice to pay however they chose. But building a payment solution from scratch is no easy task - there are numerous regulations to comply with, multiple relationships to manage between different providers and long development roadmaps. 

The Solution.
SIMS chose to partner with Pay360. They integrated with Pay360s payment platform and were able to roll parent payments out through their SIMS software - SIMS Pay. The payment platform’s intuitive interface is easy for schools to use and report on. Schools can quickly and easily sign parents up in just a few clicks and accept a range of payment methods. 

The Results. 
Here’s what Abdul Ghafoor, Head of Product at SIMS has to say:
“For schools, it is still the SIMS software that they know and love - just with added functionality, enabling them to easily take payments from parents. The platform is truly scalable, we already have more than 900 schools on the platform, with more than 150,000 parents signed up to SIMS Pay and have allowed schools to process over £150 million payments. The breadth of payment options is very inclusive and means schools can cater to the diverse payment requirements of their parents, for example by offering options such as by Post Office and PayPoint outlets.”

And schools love it too, Lucy Wicker, School Business Manager at Holly Trees Primary school says: “Since implementing SIMS Pay, I estimate that the school is saving at least two to three hours each week”. She continues “Parents have embraced it because of the convenience – being able to pay whenever they want to pay.”

Embedding payments has already helped SIMS improve the overall experience for their customers and later this year they’ll be moving to our new platform - Evolve. This will give them additional functionality, such as the ability to onboard new schools in a matter of minutes. Saving even more time for schools and the team at SIMS. 

Offer customers a payment’s platform - within your software
Integrate with Pay 360 Evolve and you’ll be able to offer customers a multi-channel payment platform - embedded within your software, where they can start taking payments in minutes. Get in touch to learn more about partnering with us. 

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