York College implement Touchtone telephone payments


Written by Editorial Team

Published December 2020

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The Challenge.

We have seen an increase in the timeliness of enrolment payments, staff time savings in both our Admissions and Finance teams and overall satisfaction from the students.

The Solution.

Pay360/Capita Unit-e team proposed the Touchtone telephone payment system 

York College had already been using Pay360 for Online Shop purchases. This process was extremely successful, and the number of transactions far exceeded York’s expectations. They therefore decided to extend the system to cover enrolment tuition payments, which were being taken over the telephone or at the Finance desk, which weren’t fully secure environments or an effective use of staff resources.


The new Touchtone system provided a 24-hour payment system for use through students’ telephones/mobiles. This negated the need for any college staff involvement and ensured that the system was fully PCI compliant. 

 Louise Jones, Director of Information and Data Services commented: 

“TouchtonePayments have been a saviour in the current COVID climate-providing students a safe and secure payment method. This has recently been extended to encourage our students to pay regular instalments using the Touchtone system, rather than direct debit payments, once again providing a staff and monetary saving.”

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