05 Feb

Upcoming EventPast Event 05 Feb 2020 | - GMT

Welsh Confed 2020

The NHS' Welsh Confed 2020 conference is a unique opportunity for colleagues from all sectors of the healthcare system t...
27 Jan

Upcoming EventPast Event 27 Jan 2020 | - GMT

Arab Health 2020

With the healthcare sector in the Middle East and North Africa experiencing a phase of significant growth Arab Health 20...
04 Dec

Upcoming EventPast Event 04 Dec 2019 | - GMT

HFMA Annual Conference 2019

With the NHS long-term plan resetting the direction of healthcare delivery and development, it is now more crucial than ...
20 Sep

Upcoming EventPast Event 20 Sep 2019 | - GMT

Independent Doctors Federation European Study Weekend

We are delighted to have partnered with the Independent Doctors Federation and will be attending the European Study Week...
23 May

Upcoming EventPast Event 23 May 2019 | - GMT

NEP Annual Conference 2019

NEP is a not-for-profit NHS consortium providing a centrally serviced, shared Finance and Procurement system that suppor...
06 Feb

Upcoming EventPast Event 06 Feb 2019 | - GMT

NHS Welsh Conference

The Welsh NHS Confederation Annual Conference and Exhibition will take place on Wednesday 6 February 2019 and this year ...
28 Jan

Upcoming EventPast Event 28 Jan 2019 | - GMT

Arab Healthcare

Arab Health is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region. Explore 4,400 of the worl...
05 Dec

Upcoming EventPast Event 05 Dec 2018 | - GMT

HFMA Annual Conference 2018

This year’s HFMA annual conference – the most important event in NHS Finance – takes its title from the president’s them...