Refund Policy

If you change your mind

If you have applied for an account and paid the Application Fee, then changed your mind within 48 hours of your registration, providing you give us immediate notification in writing to the email address specified on our website and you will not be liable for any further fees.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only return the Application Fee, if we have not already started to process your application. You are not entitled to any refund of Application Fee if your application has already been processed.

Express MID Service

The Express MID Service is dependant upon a rapid response and action by Pay360 by Capita and its Acquirers. The Application Fee is not refundable once you have requested the Express MID Service.

If we cannot offer you our services

There are occasions when Pay360 by Capita is unable to provide our services to all businesses, for example, operational, location, legal, regulatory, reputational, or risk reasons. If, (other than as a consequence of your own acts or omission) after our initial assessment of your application, we decline to offer you an account we shall refund any monthly charges paid by you in advance to the date of notification of decline.

Sharing information with Schemes

Visa International Limited, MasterCard Inc, member banks and payment processors share information on businesses, registered directors, web domains and their prior trading histories. Failing to disclose information that may effect our initial assessment can result in your application being declined after we have spent time working on it. If you have failed to disclose all appropriate information to us your Application Fee will be retained to cover our costs.

If we have processed your application

If we have processed your application, accepted you as a merchant and your account has then been set live, then we will not return the Application Fee, charges and any unpaid balance for the first 24 months service charges will become immediately due and payable.

If we terminate your contract

If we terminate your contract for any reason in accordance with the terms of our contract with you we will not return the Administration Fee or any Monthly Service Fees and all or any other Charges payable under the contract by you shall remain due.

If you terminate your contract

If you wish to terminate your contract you should give us written notice as per the terms in your contract with us. If you fail to send us this notice of termination in accordance with your contract. The contract is automatically renewed then you shall become liable for the next 12 monthly service fees in full.

Upon termination by you for whatever reason all fees and Charges already incurred and payable under your contract become due.

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