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A holistic approach to delivering PCI DSS compliance certification


Written by Editorial Team

Published June 2018

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PCI DSS compliance is a contractual requirement between you and your acquiring bank. Failure to comply means higher transaction costs and increased levels of risk across the entity you represent.

Achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance certification can be costly, time consuming and resource hungry if not approached in a holistic way that considers all your organisations ‘business as usual’ activity.

Pay360 can take that pain away, reducing the time cost and effort it takes to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance.

We want to ensure that your approach to payments and personal data compliance is not a hindrance to your customer experience or ability to deliver payments efficiently across all your customer communication channels.


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We can do that through a structured three step approach to helping and supporting your organisation along their PCI DSS compliance journey.

First step, discovery - LOCATE

Let us help you understand the full context of PCI DSS and from that help you articulate your risks and the most effective way to mitigate them. The outcomes of our LOCATE service is to identify your most effective compliance journey, understand and document your critical dependencies and map out the required work streams following an assessment against the eighteen criteria we have found to be critical in PCI DSS compliance delivery.

Second step, definition - PREPARE

Let us help you deliver the business case for PCI DSS compliance. This step in our process defines your ‘business requirements’ and aligns your PCI DSS compliance plan with all your internal and external dependencies including the General Data Protection Regulation which becomes a legal requirement on 25th May 2018. This stage defines the service delivery and from that builds the business case and supporting project plan for you to submit to your stakeholders for approval.

Final step, delivery - PROVISION

Let us help you deliver PCI DSS certification. From the provision of appropriate process documentation to completion and submission of all the appropriate PCI DSS forms, we can help.

This step includes support in selecting and deploying the appropriate technology that “takes risk off the table” to proof of concept stage so that we can demonstrate compliance and deliver the business benefits and alignment to the business requirements described in your business case.


John Greenwood


Written by
John Greenwood

March 2017


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