Can technology help prevent problem gambling and money laundering?


Written by Marc Wood

Published October 2018

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Problem gambling and anti-money laundering (AML) are two very different, but very real challenges for online gaming operators. Yet both require an equally careful balancing act.

On the one hand, gaming operators are focused on fulfilling their responsibilities to communities and regulators, whilst on the other, they’re aware that being over-cautious about accepting customer transactions ultimately affects business success.    

At Pay360, we were confident technology could help and felt we were uniquely placed to design a solution to specifically meet gaming operators’ needs: we have over 10 years’ experience of the gaming sector and over 30 online gaming company clients, combined with our payments services heritage and our credibility as a leading independent payment service provider.

The result is Optimize, a suite of intuitive fraud and risk management tools which support responsible gambling and the need to prevent money laundering, whilst reducing the operational burden and helping operators to accept as many customers as possible.


Enhanced player authentication to identify problem gamblers, prevent bonus abuse and support AML

To help you meet evolving business and regulatory needs, Optimize has been designed as a full-service identity and fraud management platform, split into modules so you can tailor the solution as your business grows.

Operators can use our powerful rules engine to build payment acceptance rules for online casino, poker, bingo and sports betting to suit specific scenarios, from simple checklists to complex strategies.

This means that you have the flexibility to ensure rules always keep pace with your risk appetite. And not only that, you’re also ensuring a much better experience for your customers – as they make their payment, their impression will be of a seamless and friction-free journey.

This is particularly valuable for improving customer onboarding. With the reduction in false positives, Optimize provides the reassurance that good customers aren’t being put off their decision to transact whilst the resulting positive experience is good news for longer-term retention.

Automation is also key to how Optimize helps gaming businesses become more efficient. By prioritising deferred tasks across global teams, the automated workflow management system supports streamlined working, ensuring that high value, business critical tasks are resolved more quickly and operational costs are reduced.

We know that successful decisions can only be made if you have accurate and comprehensive intelligence in the first place, which is why we offer access to thousands of unique data points for global intelligence gathering, enhanced identify verification (ID&V) and social media analysis, all available through a simple, single integration. You simply select from the data sources to create your bespoke rules. This exposes fraudulent behaviour as early as possible and supports compliance and regulatory obligations, from ensuring customers are over 20 years (KYC) to identifying problem gamblers, to providing a clear audit trail to meet anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.

Optimize also helps operators prevent bonus abuse by monitoring codes used by players and uncovering hard-to-spot links with emails, IP addresses, phone and device data. At the other end of the scale, you can identify your top spending customers for targeted retention marketing.


Market-leading analytics with the wow factor

Optimize is a valuable platform in the ongoing battle against fraud, and not only because it boasts configurable acceptance rules, automation and numerous referential data points: the real icing on the cake is the capacity of Optimize to transform decision-making using dashboards and a unique form of analytics.

The visually-appealing dashboards ensure better, faster business decisions by highlighting statistical variances, trends and outliers to quickly make sense of huge amounts of customer information.

But it’s our market-leading risk mining tool which has the ultimate wow factor: this features next generation link analysis to streamline and better inform decision-making by highlighting hidden relationships and customers’ behavioural footprint by visualising data as a 360° view.  

The information is presented using visually appealing node connections to uncover suspicious behaviour quickly: the nodes starburst out to show more and more information about that customer, showing clearly who, and what details, they have links with. It’s fascinating to watch in practice and offers unparalleled insight into who is looking to transact with you.

So when it comes to AML, you can easily ascertain whether the behaviour of a big spender is that of a new, genuinely high value customer, or that of someone looking to launder money through your business, with any strange spending patterns clearly identified.


It’s already making an impact…

Although it’s a new solution, the customers we’re working with who have introduced Optimize have already started seeing impressive results: they tell us they’re seeing a reduction in false positives of more than 50%, manual case review times down by more than 40% and fraud down by 20%.

This has resulted in Increased income of 8%, with an increase in earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of 9% - figures any gaming operator would be pleased to apply to their business.

Optimize is a powerful, innovative tool for gaming operators around the world to equip their analyst teams with what they need to Increase customer acceptance rates and increase revenue.

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