Hosted Vs API - which solution is right for me?


Written by Editorial Team

Published May 2018

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Our hosted solution is perfect if you want to remove the burden of ensuring your site is PCI compliant without all of the hassle. It’s quick and easy to sign up and all you need to complete is a simple SAQ form to become PCI compliant.

If your primary concern is flexibility and you want complete control of all systems and processes in-house (e.g. designing your own payment pages or choosing which internet devices you want to integrate with), then our API solution is the right choice for you.

Hosted Solution

With a hosted solution your payment page will be located on our servers which are already secure and PCI compliant; however for your business to become compliant you will need to complete a self-assessment questionnaire form (SAQ) known as SAQ A. Maintenance of your PCI compliant status will require you to complete this SAQ on a yearly basis.

The main benefits of choosing a hosted solution:

  • Simplicity - Your payment page is located on our PCI compliant servers so you only need to fill out an SAQ form to become PCI compliant.
  • Speed - We will sort out the setup and security of your account in under 2 weeks
  • Customisable - You can place your logo on the hosted payment page, to reassure your customers that they are in the right place when paying for your goods or services.

API Solution

When choosing to locate your payment pages on your own servers you will need to complete two steps in order to become PCI compliant.

Step 1 - Fill out a Self Assessment Questionnaire form (SAQ) C or D.

Step 2 - Complete a quarterly server/network scan.

On an API solution, maintenance of your PCI compliant status will require you to complete an SAQ form once a year and have your servers/network scanned quarterly by an approved scanning vendor.

The main benefits of choosing an API solution:

  • Flexibility - You have full control over what your payment page looks like.
  • Customer Experience - Shoppers never leave your website.
  • Control - You decide what the whole payment process looks like and can manage it in-house. You will also be able to monitor transactions live, through more advanced reporting software.
  • Versatility - By using an API you can integrate your internet payment solution with any device connected to the internet (mobile phones, tablets, etc.)

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