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Simple, Seamless, Secure – How Pay360 helps you keep customers happy in the digital wallet-driven age of instalments


Written by Editorial Team

Published November 2021

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Pay360’s focus has always been on making a difference to the businesses of our customers. Whether it’s helping to deliver more seamless payment experiences, encourage customer retention, reduce running costs, boost revenue or extend reach, we’re dedicated to your success.

And we never stop developing our products and adding new features in order to provide the best possible service.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce we’re enabling our customers to accept new payment methods on the Pay360 platform, including digital wallet and mobile payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as payment by instalments through Klarna.

This goes hand in hand with our mobile SDK, which allows developers to easily add payments to mobile applications, enabling businesses to provide secure payment solutions and enhanced experiences without customers having to leave their app.

Keeping up with customers

Since before the pandemic, we’ve been monitoring the changes in the market and identifying trends as consumers alter their spending habits and explore new services. With digital wallets now the preferred payment method among global eCommerce consumers, they are set to represent 51.7% of all eCommerce payments by 2024*. In the UK alone, digital wallets will account for almost a third of payments by 2023*, while in APAC countries, mobile wallets made up 60% of all online transactions in 2020*.

Likewise, more flexible and affordable ways to pay are currently seeing a major boost, with Klarna leading the way. 1 in 3 US consumers have used a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service** while, in the UK, 67% of millennials have used one**. According to research firm Kaleido, 30% of total eCommerce spend will be via BNPL by 2025**.

So, what’s driving the growth of mobile payment, digital wallets and BNPL services, and why do we believe now is the time to make them available to Pay360 customers?

With consumers having spent many months, in lockdown, online spending has naturally seen a spike. Not only have shoppers had more time to try as well as develop loyalty toward different ways to shop and pay, but they’ve also become savvier. Elsewhere, the use of cash continues to decline, driven by the simplicity and ubiquity of contactless and mobile payment as well as a desire for no-touch interactions in the wake of COVID-19.

Consumers of all ages have come to enjoy seamless payment experiences and, with online fraud also increasing during the pandemic, are more aware of the risks. They shun sites that introduce obstacles at checkout, don’t offer the payment service they prefer or bounce them to separate online locations to enter their card details.

Furthermore, as a result of job uncertainty and unclear financial horizons, BNPL services provide consumers with the flexibility to break large payments into smaller, more affordable chunks that suit their spending requirements.

In short, consumers have become accustomed to and expect simplicity, flexibility and security.

A win-win for you and your customers

With the above factors in mind, we want to ensure our customers can deliver the safe, seamless transactions consumers demand and benefit from the trend toward these increasingly popular payment types.

Apple and Google are the leading global wallet providers with an extensive list of supported currencies and countries, making it easier for you to attract more customers without spending more time and money on implementation. Your customers benefit too, with no extra fees associated with Apple Pay and Google Pay transactions for consumers. Meanwhile, Klarna opens your business to a whole new niche of customers who may not have been able to afford big-ticket items previously but can now spread the cost in a more manageable way.

And there are even more benefits for you and your customers when offering mobile, digital wallet and BNPL payments:

Frictionless payments

Customers can pay with a single click, with no need to risk making mistakes entering card information manually. The user journey is smooth and stays on your site, and wallets can even be set up post-checkout, helping to reduce cart abandonment.


With payments designed for mobile devices, seamless purchasing online and in-person is just a single tap away. Digital wallets, phones and wearable tech mean customers can shop in-store without having to touch screens or keypads and shop online even when they don’t have physical cards with them. 

Enhanced security

The mobile security features users love, including facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, can all be used to reassure your customers that their transaction is secure. Mobile and digital wallet payments also mean there are no alarming redirects to third party payment services, making the checkout process smoother and safer.

Reduce risk and future-proof your business

By leveraging Pay360 and the payment services of reputable companies like Apple and Google, you can take a lot of the risk and responsibility away from your own business while preparing for what lies ahead.

As payment regulations tighten, offering digital wallet payments means there’s no need for you to handle card details at all during the payment process, easing your burden and reassuring your customers. Mobile wallet apps also provide loyalty schemes and cashback opportunities, instant credit refunds and the option to pay bills directly from the wallet, delivering a slick user experience hosted within the app itself.

Offering these new payment methods today could also prepare your business for a significant shift to digital wallet payments in the coming months. With the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations for eCommerce now in force in Europe, there are additional identity verification requirements payment services must provide to prevent fraud. The regulations require authentication via a PIN or password, a mobile phone or card reader or biometrics like facial recognition or fingerprint scans. As a result, many more users are likely to turn to SCA-compliant methods like digital wallets in order to maintain the frictionless shopping experiences they desire.

And you can be ready when they do.

Embracing the frictionless, flexible future

As consumers continue to shift towards safer and more convenient payment methods, Pay360 enables you to meet their needs quickly and effectively.

With the addition of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Klarna to the broad range of payment options already available on the platform, you can ensure customers enjoy secure, frictionless and flexible transactions every time they buy from you. Not only does this help you engender trust and loyalty from your customers, but it saves you time to focus on making the rest of their interactions with your business as enjoyable and effortless as the payment process.


Pay360 is a robust, scalable payments platform built with customers in mind. It unlocks the ability to get, grow and keep more customers while overcoming the complexity of compliance and regulation, enabling you to focus on adding value and delivering the very best experience to your customers.


* WorldPay Global Payments Report 2021

** Gartner Payment Acceptance Will Never Be the Same After COVID-19