The pandemic is presenting us all with personal and commercial challenges not seen in peacetime.


Written by Editorial Team

Published April 2020

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Businesses are fighting to swiftly adapt, and even, survive right now. Although not an exhaustive list, here at Pay360, we thought we’d quickly mention few factors that it may help your business to consider at this time:

  • Provide your colleagues with training and advice for home working
  • Maintain frequent, clear and concise communications with your colleagues and customers – no one prospers in a communications vacuum
  • If required, consider alternate suppliers, to maintain your critical functions
  • Think about what extra you can do to support your customers in navigating this challenging time

The outbreak of Covid-19 has been unprecedented. People, even humanity, are needing to change and adapt on an almost daily basis, to remain healthy and (as best we can) in control.

It is no different for businesses either: every business wants to try and minimise the impact of an ever-changing situation in which nobody can predict the outcome. Most well well-run companies have a Business Continuity Plan of course, but most of those plans are designed to cope with more ‘expected’ crisis than a pandemic. Continuity Plans are thus often defunct right now and certainly there’s no more “let’s put that on the roadmap.” So, business, like people, are needing to rapidly adapt and change, in unprecedented circumstances.

Many businesses talk about change and digital transformation, the reality being that every company is always evolving and is somewhere on that journey. The current climate presents businesses with a dilemma. Do we fully adapt to the need immediately or try to continue our business plan as best we can? Certainly, digital is now fundamental to almost every company’s survival. So too, will be maintaining the relationships businesses have with loyal customers and adapting quickly to the immediate needs of new ones.

Pay360 and the wider Capita group, like many companies across diverse industries, are helping to support and enable this adaptation. For example, we are proud to be providing extra resources to the Government’s Health and Justice departments, helping to deliver critical services to the population, including the NHS 111 service. We are also offering webinars specifically related to the unique challenges of this time.

Pay360 and the Capita are here to help you whatever way we can. So, if you would like to run any of your payment software concerns past us at this extraordinary time, even if only in brief, we will do our best to help and guide you. Please do contact us.  


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