Why Pay360 User Groups have become an essential date for our customers


Written by Mike Howard

Published May 2019

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One of the most interesting and rewarding elements of my job is meeting customers and finding out what they think of our product development plans.  I’m in touch with customers throughout the year but the highlight for me has to be our annual Public Sector User Groups.

We hosted six regional User Groups in February 2019 and were delighted to welcome an incredible 220 delegates, representing 109 public sector organisations from across local government, social housing and education, to these meetings.

We’re grateful to customers for taking time out of their busy schedules to join us and are particularly pleased to hear so many tell us how much they value the groups.

From talking to delegates, I know these meetings are popular because they provide the opportunity to network with like-minded peers, catch up on recent product developments and the product roadmap, and to hear from independent speakers outside of Capita. We keep the agenda varied and lively, with enough pace to keep interest levels up, and providing enough time to delve into themes thoroughly.

Keeping up with trends in card security

With the constant emphasis on card security, a particularly informative session at this year’s User Groups was a talk by Paul Rodgers of Vendorcom, who shared valuable and independent insight into emerging trends around security, as well as what’s likely to be coming down the line further ahead, with a specific emphasis on payments in a call centre type setting. We also talked about existing functionality within the Pay360 product suite.

The emerging interest in Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

Another popular session was a talk by PayPal around extending customer choice of ways to pay. We’ve recently partnered with PayPal in order to be able to offer customers the choice of making payment from their PayPal account as an alternative to debit or credit card, something that we’ve seen increasing interest in, especially within the education sector but also in the public sector generally.

Listening to you so our products keep pace with customer requirements

The User Groups also provide attendees the chance to influence the direction of our software, as we typically run ideas by delegates to gauge where their interests and priorities lie. This is particularly valuable to ensure our solutions remain valuable and relevant to the public sector.

In addition, we make sure the meetings include a focus on helping delegates make the most of the Pay360 solutions they already have in place - we always include useful tips and techniques and we know these are welcomed, especially by those who are newer to the suite of Pay360 solutions.

Positive reviews from customers

Customer feedback from the 2019 User Group meetings was extremely positive, with more than 90% of attendees rating the event as either Excellent or Good. Quotes from those attending included:

“Interesting once again, very informative and plenty on product roadmap.”

“Excellent venue and facilities. Interesting and relevant topics covered.”

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who came along - we really value you giving up your time to share your views.


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