Brunel University Broaden Payment Methods


Written by Editorial Team

Published October 2020

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The Challenge.

We were keen to broaden the breadth of payment methods available to Brunel customers. We knew this would benefit the university by improving our cashflow too. This all needed to be based on a fully secure and compliant payment process.

The Solution.

Counter receipting - allowing the University to transact payments F2F efficiently, whilst remaining PCI DSS Compliant. Secondly, taking payments over the phone securely through and then, most importantly, an online payment solution, allowing greater flexibility for our students. The system also allows easy upload into Brunel’s systems and can be further developed with other areas of the University as needed, since it has an online interface.

The Results.

An easy solution that fit best with our needs to: not only improve our cashflow, with transacting timely payments, but also improving our student experience with the breadth and flexibility of payments options available to them.

A system that’s easily manageable, as our resources are limited, which also fully meets the University’s expectations. The excel SQL for reporting purpose is superb and allows much faster resolutions of queries. All transactions are recorded into a single database making reconciliation much easier too. 

“The risk associated with holding card data on site is removed and much of the University’s responsibility as regards PCI DSS compliance is delegated to Capita, freeing up our resources. Also, devices come pre-accredited, using Capita’s certified Secure Bureau Service, so no need for the University to carry out its own bank accreditation.”

Ash Patel, Acting Head of Income & Credit Control at Brunel University