Pay360 by Capita today launches Optimize, a state-of-the-art fraud and risk management solution


Written by Editorial Team

Published May 2018

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Pay360 utilises latest behavioural analytics software with real-time controls to launch a new fraud and risk management solution, Optimize

Pay360 by Capita today launches Optimize, a state-of-the-art fraud and risk management solution to help financial services, retail and gaming organisations combat fraud, streamline customer authentication decisions and support revenue growth.

Built using the latest technology, Optimize allows organisations to tailor their payment acceptance and fraud prevention strategies in real-time, to maximise sales opportunities whilst combating evolving cybercrime threats.

Designed to address four key customer needs, Optimize will increase customer conversion at the checkout with more accurate, automated decision-making and help organisations meet their compliance and regulatory requirements including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

The software will enable users to create and manage fraud strategies in real-time whilst freeing up valuable people resource and enable organisations to make faster, more accurate decisions whilst identifying previously undiscoverable threats and relationships

“Leveraging Capita’s expertise as one of the UK’s largest software companies, Optimize provides a further example of how we are adding unique value to our partners by incorporating the solution into their existing portfolios, as well as adding real business value to our customers”, explains Chris Baker, executive officer, Capita Software.

Stephen Ferry, managing director, Pay360, adds “Optimize is flexible enough to adjust in real-time to increasingly sophisticated forms of online fraud, whilst identifying genuine consumer behaviour. With access to external data sources and more visual forms of data analysis the software will allow users to make more accurate, informed and faster decisions.

“Through automation and self-learning, the platform reduces the number of human interactions and touch points needed to perform a fraud investigation, streamlining the whole fraud and risk management process to create a solution fit for today’s digital landscape.”

For more information about Optimize, click here