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Online payments

With the ability to seamlessly integrate into apps and 3rd party systems, as well as send payment links via SMS, live chat or email, our student payment solutions can be used whenever and however they want.

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We offer a wide range of over-the-counter school payment solutions including card, cash, cheque and contactless payments (including Apple Pay and Android Pay).

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Telephone payments

Our telephone payment systems help to remove the PCI burden and can be used for one-off only payments or in call centres. These are available as a staff-assisted or fully automated service.

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Recurring card payments

Make life easier for your students with the ability for students, staff or parents and guardians to create a flexible schedule of card payments.

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Automated bank payments

We also provide the ability to take payments via Direct Debits, bank transfers and the ability to import bank information to aid reconciliation.

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Kiosk payments

We can provide the ability to accept payments 24/7 by card or cash. We can either install new kiosks or existing ones can be upgraded to work with our systems.

Featured product

Making payments simple for universities and colleges

We believe higher education payment solutions should be easy to take and manage payments. Which is why our flexible solutions make payments simple, freeing you to focus on helping students fulfil their potential.

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Offer a great experience for students

Available as a complete online store solution or integrated into your website, our online store looks good on any screen size and features a digital wallet so students can save card details securely for quick and easy repeat payment processes.

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Easy for staff to use to maximise resources

Our online store is easy to customise and to set up - simply add or amend items using our intuitive ‘drag & drop’ content builder. Customisable workflow authorisations allow different staff members and departments to add products.

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Ensure secure, compliant payments

Our telephone payment options support payments compliance, either for one-off payments or for a call centre, whilst our online digital wallet ensures card details are securely encrypted and stored within our PCI Level 1 compliant environment.

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Integrate seamlessly across systems

Because our solutions, including income management, integrate with your existing finance and admin systems, there’s no rekeying. Comprehensive reports ensure a clear picture of finances across payment channels and departments.

See how our customers are benefiting from our range of payment collection and income management solutions.

Brunel University

One of the major benefits of using Pay360's systems, is that their systems provide us with PCI DSS compliance

Peter Hallbery, Head of Income & Credit Control, Brunel University

Middlesex University

As a credit controller here at Middlesex University, I use Pay360 on a daily basis, and  I find it very easy and efficient to use.

Glenn Price, Credit Controller, Middlesex University

Pay360 processes over 225 million card transactions worth £11 billion every year for organisations like these...

The Pay360 difference

We can offer multiple ways for students, or their sponsors to pay, from traditional card payments to email links in social media messages and SMS payments. Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, however and wherever they chose to pay you, so lowering any barriers that could get in the way of your cash flow.

We offer the ability to get up-to-date balances over the phone or online. There are multi-lingual options. We offer the latest payment methods such as Apple Pay. We could reduce queue times at finance offices / cashiers desks and eliminate wait times over the phone. We could eliminate queues at peak times and during registration. We can allow secure cashless payments to be taken at events or anywhere on campus so making things more convenient for the students. We can allow flexible recurring card payments to be set up instantly so that more flexible ways to pay can be offered, as well as a fully-managed end-to-end Direct Debit solution so that students don’t have to remember to pay. We can create online wallets that allow students to make payments with just a few clicks throughout their time at the instituion. All our payment pages and portals are of course mobile friendly and fully secure. Staff can provide a better service and deal with queries, issue refunds and take multiple payments in one place with emailed receipts straight to the student’s inbox. Also, we should not overlook the added security Pay360's systems can bring as this in turn offers students peace of mind and safeguards the university’s good reputation.

Our flexible systems help to make your everyday business tasks much easier. Designed to make your organisation more efficient at ‘doing business’ we can help with streamlining your payment acceptance, cashing up, reporting, receipting, invoicing, bank reconciling and more.

We can also help to reduce re-keying and cross referencing, allowing multiple systems to speak to each other enabling you to see multiple balances from multiple incumbent systems. This means less human intervention and less time is needed, as well as increasing accuracy.

Our system acts as a payment and income management “hub” meaning Student Records, Finance, Accommodation or any other “Best of Breed” system around the institution can seamlessly integrate with Pay360.

We can import/export relevant data on a real time or an end of day basis. This allows staff to see multiple balances for the student or funds in one place, as well as processing multiple payments or answering payment queries from one screen. More importantly, Payments and Refunds can be done without the need for card details to be taken over the phone, removing the PCI-DSS security headache and helping to safeguard you against potential fines.

A recent example from one institution we helped, counted 143 different places payments can be made. Now that they are using our systems, we enable them to have standardised transaction rates, standardised PCI DSS security, standardised reporting and cashing up, a central record of all payments and allow the Finance team to have an overall view of all transactions in one place, in real time.

It is widely recognised that removing cash payments from an education institution can easily save upwards of £30k per year. In addition to this we are able to offer reduced transaction rates due to the fact that we are our own PSP and do not rely on third parties to process your payments. We can help you introduce innovative payment acceptance systems such as Barclays Pingit, Apple Pay and Android Pay, which can reduce costs further. Time saved from processing, cashing up and reconciling payments each year can be reduced dramatically, so staff can concentrate on other things. Being able to offer multiple payment options above and beyond your current set up during busy times such as registration and fee paying windows, without the need to bring in extra staff, could also offer cost savings.

The sheer scale of our overall payment service coupled with the fact that we provide the software and are the Payment Service Provider (PSP), allows us to offer highly competitive card transaction rates.

This means the cost of processing each one of your card transactions is reduced, so when looking at every single transaction processed over the year, it can amount to a significant cost saving.

Organisations are increasingly looking for cloud solutions, delivered as a hosted service. This removes any requirement for on-site servers and the associated overhead of managing software and operating system upgrades and patches.

As Pay360, we are fully PCI DSS and PA-DSS certified and implement the latest security technologies and procedures to ensure your customers’ data is never compromised.