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Make it easier for customers to pay

Create a competitive advantage by offering customers a wide choice of global payment card industry and data security standards (PCI-DSS) compliant payment solutions including credit and debit cards, direct debits, alternative payment methods (APMs), peer-to-peer (P2P) and barcode payments, and let us take on payment card industry data security standards and general data protection regulation (GDPR) compliance responsibility.

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Improve the customer experience

Our sophisticated rules engine improves the payment process using smart automation for faster decisions and a more streamlined customer experience, with mobile-friendly options offering a quick and easy way for customers to transact with you.

Tick icon to represent the benefits of Pay360 hospitality payment solutions.

Digital collections and reconciliation to increase cash flow

Our unique artificial intelligence-based collection and income management service – IncomeAI - uses smart automation to speed up payment collections and reduce operational costs, improving your business cashflow.

Tick icon to represent the benefits of Pay360 hospitality payment solutions.

Maximise conversions whilst meeting compliance responsibilities

Reduce data breaches, false positives and counter fraud with Optimize, our cutting-edge fraud and risk management platform, supporting identity verification (ID&V), anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

Make the most of every customer onboarding opportunity

Increase customer conversions with automated decisions

Provide a seamless customer experience and increase customer onboarding with our intuitive, powerful fraud and risk management platform - Optimize. Build real-time bespoke acceptance strategies using our powerful rules and decision engine with access to thousands of data points for instant, accurate automated decisions, and a friction free customer journey.

With the reduction in false positives, you can ensure you’re protecting your business from fraud, with the reassurance that you’re never turning away genuine customers.

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Get more done with fewer resources with automation and advanced risk analysis

As an AML service provider, we provide a number of security and risk analysis solutions.  Automated workflow management enables you to manage deferred tasks and prioritise workloads effectively across virtual global teams whilst our enhanced identify verification (ID&V) makes it easy to meet KYC and AML compliance obligations.

And when a transaction needs further scrutiny, our unique risk mining tool uses the latest link analysis technology to highlight hidden relationships and customers’ behavioural footprint by visualising data as a 360° view.

With more accurate, automated decision making and customer authentication through our KYC software, you can reduce your operational costs whilst increasing customer conversions at checkout.

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Unrivalled, agile expertise to help you build the perfect customer experience

We apply over 20 years’ experience to our scalable, secure payment software so you have all you need to accept worldwide, multi-currency transactions and offer customers more choice, convenience and simplicity.

Whether you’re after a payment gateway with the latest json® integration capabilities, a new ID&V software, international acquiring options, or the most popular APMs, our solutions can help you transform your end to end customer experience in the shortest time possible. 

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Mobile first approach

With more consumers choosing to browse and select services whilst on their mobile devices, it's important that you're able to offer your customers a fast, frictionless, secure payments experience that mirrors your mobile optimised website. That's why we offer mobile responsive payment pages out-of-the-box, as well as the latest payment APMs and a saved customer wallet.

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Retain your brand identity

When it comes to payments, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise. So no matter whether you choose to build the payment experience yourself via an API, or want to outsource it using our advanced hosted solution, we take the PCI headache out of handling card information and data no matter your integration preference.

Our advanced hosted solution offers API like flexibility with minimal PCI requirements. Giving you access to a whole host of features such as a fully skin able payment pages, a secure customer wallet, interactive callbacks, in-flight decision making and more.

International expansion

Expanding into new markets or new territories presents a wealth of opportunity but with that comes increased exposure to fraudulent transactions and higher decline rates.

As one of the UK’s largest independent payment service providers (PSPs), that's where we come in. With acquiring relations worldwide, we can help set you up with the right banking partners in your chosen territories allowing for better acceptance rates through the benefits of domestic acquiring.

And with our market-leading Optimize platform, you can configure bespoke rules for each market or territory you operate in, enabling you to build payment acceptance strategies according to your risk appetite.

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However your customers prefer to pay, we've got you covered

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Take in-person payments in-store, over-the-counter, or on the move with our range of card readers and card transaction solutions, such as: Chip & PIN machines, Kiosks, electronic point of sale (ePOS) terminals and other flexible payment solutions. Featuring the latest Bluetooth and Contactless technology.

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From an occasional payment to full call-centre payment services, Pay360's phone payment solutions help to ensure you’re complying with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements. Now featuring automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) + digital channel shift solutions.

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Looking for a single consolidated view across all your payment services? Pay360's omnichannel modular payments solutions are connected via a single interface which can be seamlessly integrated into multiple systems.