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Improve customer experience and loyalty

Our sophisticated rules engine uses smart automation for quicker decisions and a more streamlined customer experience, with mobile responsive options offering a fast and easy way for customers to top up accounts.

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Make it easier for customers to pay

Create a competitive advantage by offering customers a wide choice of secure global payment methods including cards, direct debits, APMs, P2P and barcode payments, and let us take on PCI-DSS and GDPR compliance responsibility.

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Maximise customer acceptance rates and conversions

Reduce false positives and counter fraud with Optimize, our cutting-edge fraud and risk management platform, supporting identity verification (ID&V), anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

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Prevent bonus abuse whilst retaining valued customers

Prevent bonus abuse by monitoring codes used by players and uncovering hard-to-spot links with email and IP addresses as well as phone and device data. At the other end of the scale, you can identify your top spending customers for targeted retention marketing.

Boost revenue and performance with the latest platform technology

Improve customer onboarding with automated decisions

Increase your conversion rate across all customer channels with our intuitive, powerful fraud and risk management platform - Optimize. Build real-time bespoke acceptance strategies for online casino, poker, bingo and sports betting using our powerful rules and decision engine with access to thousands of data points for instant, accurate automated decisions, and a friction free customer journey.

With the reduction in false positives, the Optimize rules engine ensures you’re protecting your gaming business from fraud, with the reassurance that you’re never turning away good business.

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Get more done with fewer resources with automation and advanced risk analysis

Automated workflow management enables you to manage deferred tasks and prioritise workloads effectively across virtual global teams. Our enhanced identify verification (ID&V), also supports you in meeting your compliance and regulatory obligations, from ensuring your customers are over 20 years (KYC) to providing a clear audit trail to meet AML requirements.

And when a transaction needs further scrutiny, our unique risk mining tool uses the latest link analysis technology to highlight hidden relationships and customers’ behavioural footprint by visualising data as a 360° view.

With more accurate, automated customer authentication and decision making, you can reduce your operational costs whilst increasing customer conversions at checkout.

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Global payment solutions

Whether you’re solely after a Payment Gateway or need an Internet Merchant Account, our powerful payments engine allows for batch payments, partial refunds, pre-authorisation, direct refunds, repeat payments, deferred payments, delayed captures, refunds on original card and more.

Powered by our state-of-the-art Advanced Payments platform, you can rest assured our scalable platform will allow you to accept worldwide, multi-currency secure transactions.

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International Acquiring

Accept worldwide and multi-currency secure transactions through our relationships with 18+ leading UK and European acquiring banks, allowing us to offer gaming operators acquiring solutions for both primary and secondary requirements. We support our clients’ global appetite to enter new markets by offering a platform to reach local acquirers - offering local expert knowledge and competitive commercials.

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Mobile first approach

Gaming operators need to ensure that when it comes to convenience, they’re offering their customers a fast and easy way to top up their account. That’s why our payment solutions use mobile responsive payment pages which are connected to a customer wallet. We also offer suggested top up amounts for an even faster top up experience.

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Retain your brand identity

When it comes to being able to accept payments on your website, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise. So no matter whether you choose to build the payment experience yourself via an API, or want to outsource it using our advanced Hosted solution, we take the PCI headache out of handling card data no matter your integration preference.

Our advanced hosted solution offers API like flexibility with minimal PCI requirements. Giving you access to a whole host of features such as a fully skin able payment pages, a secure customer wallet, interactive callbacks, in-flight decision making and more.

Why trust Pay360 by Capita to be your preferred payments partner?

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PCI Level 1 compliant since 2005

We've led the way in Europe by being Level 1 PCI compliant, for 13 consecutive years. We've maintained the highest level of certification through every new challenge and work with our clients to help them reduce their PCI burden.

Best of all, we packed everything we know about card security into the design of our new Advanced Payments platform.

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18+ years' processing payments

Trusted, robust, secure... these are all words our competitors use to gain their merchants trust. However we prefer to use the term 'proven'.

As well as processing secure payments for over 20 years. We've been PCI level 1 accredited since 2005, had Real-time reporting since 2005, Fraud Management since 2009 and Cash products since 2010.