Gaming payment solutions made easy

If you’re looking for a payment services provider with a proven track record of providing gaming solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Pay360 offers you everything you need to accept gaming card payments and pay out winnings easily and securely.

1. 360 Gaming Solutions




With over 15 years’ experience servicing the gaming market, our secure payment solutions offer seamless payment experiences, complete with intelligent reporting tools and market leading fraud & risk management software.

Whether you’re solely after a payment gateway or need an Internet Merchant Account, our powerful online payments engine allows for batch payments, partial refunds, pre-authorisation, direct refunds, repeat payments, deferred payments, delayed captures, refunds on original card and more.

Powered by our state-of-the-art Advanced Payments platform, you can rest assured our scalable platform will allow you to accept worldwide, multi-currency secure transactions.


2. Mobile first - App Vs Web payments




Gaming operators need to ensure that when it comes to convenience, they’re offering their customers a fast and easy way to top up their account. That’s why our payment solutions use mobile responsive payment pages which are connected to a customer wallet. We also offer suggested top up amounts for an even faster top up experience.

Got your own app? Not a problem. We also offer a Mobile SDK enabling you to offer your customers secure in-app payments, without having to re-direct to an online payment page.

Download our Mobile SDK brochure to find out more collections


3. Retain your brand identity




When it comes to being able to accept payments on your website, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise. So no matter whether you choose to build the payment experience yourself via an API, or want to outsource it using our advanced Hosted solution, we take the PCI headache out of handling card data no matter your integration preference.

Our advanced hosted solution offers API like flexibility with minimal PCI requirements. Giving you access to a whole host of features such as a fully skin able payment pages, a secure customer wallet, interactive callbacks, in-flight decision making and more.


4. International Acquiring




Accept worldwide and multi-currency secure transactions through our relationships with 18+ leading UK and European acquiring banks, allowing us to offer gaming operators acquiring solutions for both primary and secondary requirements. We support our clients’ global appetite to enter new markets by offering a platform to reach local acquirers - offering local expert knowledge and competitive commercials.

If you’re new to online gaming and want to start trading quickly, we can provide you with an Internet Merchant Account along with a Payment Gateway that will grow with your business.


5. Fraud & Risk Management




With more than 15 years’ experience in the gaming industry, we can help you handle any fraud & risk management related issue. However, while we understand that you want to minimise fraud, our solutions are also geared to maximising revenue.

Advanced protection:

Our Optimize technology has been designed to help organisations use automation and connected data sources to combat fraud, streamline identity verification and customer authentication checks, speed up decision making processes, and increase revenues.

See how Optimize can benefit your business collections

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Multi-channel payment solutions for gaming operators

Online payments

  • Accept all major credit card, debit card and payment methods
  • Reduce your PCI burden with our advanced hosted and API solutions
  • Reduce chargebacks with our fraud prevention and 3DSecure tools
  • Minimise fraud and maximising revenue with our enterprise fraud prevention tools
  • Create your own seamless app payments with our Mobile SDK

Chip & PIN machines

  • Choose from our range of Countertop Wired, Wireless, Mobile and Bluetooth terminals
  • Accept the latest contactless, ApplePay and AndroidPay payments
  • Accept over-the-counter cash and kiosk payments that integrate with your POS system
  • Extremely competitive card transaction rates and faster settlement times

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Why trust Pay360 by Capita to be your preferred payments partner?

New to card payments?

The largest UK bank independent PSP

Unlike many of our competitors we're not owned by any bank. That means we're able to partner you with acquiring banks that are right for you, not us.

So whichever territory you operate in, we have the global acquiring relations in place to help you safely scale your business internationally.

Already taking card payments?

PCI Level 1 compliant since 2005

We've led the way in Europe by being Level 1 PCI compliant, for 11 consecutive years. We've maintained the highest level of certification through every new challenge and work with our clients to help them reduce their PCI burden.

Best of all, we packed everything we know about card security into the design of our new Advanced Payments platform.

Are you an enterprise?

16+ years' processing payments

Trusted, robust, secure... these are all words our competitors use to gain their merchants trust. However we prefer to use the term 'proven'.

As well as processing secure payments for over 16 years. We've been PCI level 1 accredited since 2005, had Real-time reporting since 2005, Fraud Management since 2009 and Cash products since 2010.

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