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At the Heart of Local Authority Payment Services

Discover a seamless, modular payment system that helps Local Authorities secure their funds and maximise their revenue. So you can focus on your vital work in the community. 

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Optimise your revenue

At Pay360 we make sure there’s as little standing between you and your revenue as possible. We know your income goes right to the heart of the community, providing vital services. And we also know that a poor payments system costs everyone time, budget and public trust.

Get in touch with us for a complete, modular and secure payment journey. One that integrates seamlessly into your current Local Government payment service solution, giving you total visibility and easy income management. So you can focus on what matters most – your community.

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Choose from lots of ways to pay

No matter how your citizens prefer to pay, our flexible digital service means you can find a solution that works for them. Receive online, mobile, telephone, automated, kiosk, face-to-face payments and more.

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Protect your funds

Our leading fraud platform means there’s one less thing to worry about. All our Pay360 modules comes with fraud identification and verification systems to keep the money at the heart of your community safe – making us the smart choice for a secure Local Government payment solution.

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Avoid disruption

Keep your current back-office system in place with payment modules that integrate seamlessly. No expensive gateway migrations and no need to transfer data from one system to another. So you can get clear on your cash-flow with real-time updates, insight and reporting.

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Keep payments simple

As the first UK payments processor to launch Open Banking to the public sector, we help organisations get paid in real-time, lower their costs, reduce fraud risks and improve reconciliation. And our modules are constantly upgraded, to keep them future-proofed. 

Make your payments more inclusive

Pay360’s modular multi-channel Local Government payment solution makes it easier than ever for citizens to pay. And for you to maximise your revenue. Choose whichever payment channel suits your community best, including on-app, face-to-face at the Post Office, or using Payzone or Paypoint.

Plus, because our system is modular, you can speak to us about adding as many or as few options as you like. Getting access to the crucial services at the heart of your community is straightforward for everyone, and so is paying for them. 

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Community gardening project supported by local authority payment services

Open up your community

Get in touch to hear more about our open banking payment solution – a safe, secure system that allows third parties to access, share and control customers’ financial data. Every open banking provider is 100% regulated, to give you total peace of mind. 

Processing is completely automated too. So, instead of chasing or manually completing payments, Local Authorities are freed up to invest their time and income back into essential services. 

Feel in control of your funds

Even though there are plenty of Pay360 modules to choose from, our payments ecosystem means you can see them all in one place. Tracking and monitoring the revenue at the heart of what you do is simple and transparent, giving Local Authorities the clarity they need to do their best work in the community.

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Are you ready to experience the power of seamless online payments?

Let’s discuss your needs

What do you need to secure the funds at the heart of your community? Fill in the form below to speak to one of our advisors.

  • Flexible payment modules
  • Safe and secure
  • Seamless integration
  • Easy-to-use Open Banking architecture

Alternatively, call us now on 01332 477 853.

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Start accepting a wide range of payments in an instance

We support a variety of payment channels, so your customers can pay with the method of their choice.

Client stories


The support from the Pay360 team was great, particularly from the reporting side, they took time out to answer some of calls that were questions around how the system was working and sorted out a snag with one of our exports after go-live.

In respect of the long term relationship, if I compare with other providers I would certainly say that Pay360 have always kept us up to date with changes in the payments arena. When I mentioned BERR licensing they knew straight away what it was, unlike some others!

Pay360 are always looking at developments, forward planning and the roadmap for the system and include customers in that journey. Great user group and online courses. The other key thing for us is most definitely stability in respect of account management and engineers. The fact this has been stable gives customers confidence in a company. Compared with some other providers every few months there has been change in respect of account management so that rapport has never been built. I think that is quite key for us.

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council


We decided to procure Pay360 – an Access company, as it’s a product offering all the payment routes we require and has the scope to deliver an improved customer experience from our current solution.   

The sales team have been very helpful with organising demonstrations, including bringing their implementation team onboard early, and dealing with any queries that have arisen. We are satisfied the solution will provide the Council with value for money.

We needed a solution that could be implemented in a very short timescale and the implementation team have delivered a plan which will ensure that happens (with some time to spare!). 

Our experience so far has been nothing but positive and we look forward to working with Pay360 going forwards.

Coventry City Council