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Online payments

We make it simple for customers to pay whenever and however they want with mobile-friendly online payments available as a complete solution or integrated into your own portal and app.

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Face-to-face payments

We offer a wide range of over the counter payments including card, cash, cheque and contactless payments (including Apple Pay and Android Pay).

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Telephone payments

Our telephone payment systems help to remove the PCI burden and can be used for one-off only payments or in call centres. These are available as a staff assisted or fully automated service.

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Mobile payments

Allow your staff to take card, contactless, cash and cheque payments anywhere – at outlying offices, events or at the customer’s home. Available on an easy-to-use, pre-accredited Chip & PIN device.

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Automated bank and card payments

We provide the ability to take payments via Direct Debits, bank transfers and to import bank information to aid reconciliation. You can also set up a flexible schedule of card payments.

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Kiosk payments

Kiosks provide a user-friendly way to allow payments to be made 24/7 by card or cash. We can either install new kiosks or existing ones can be upgraded to work with our systems.

Making payments simple.

All our existing systems can be linked by one Income Management interface.

Effortless repeat purchases

Our digital wallet allows customers to save their card details for quick and easy repeat payments. All card details are securely encrypted and stored within our PCI Level 1 compliant environment, so you can rest assured it's safe.

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Mobile payments

Allow staff to take payments whilst they’re out and about. Our solutions ensure they can pay via card, contactless, cash and cheque using their smartphone or tablet and staff can even accept payments whilst with the customer.

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Streamlined Reporting

Accessible via a web browser, our advanced Income Management solution allows you to seamlessly reconcile income. Providing comprehensive reports and re-formatting of data prior to export, you can effortlessly update your existing back-office systems.

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Pay360 by Capita is a trusted payments provider to thousands of public sector organisations.



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Local Authorities



Housing organisations





Income Management - Your central hub for payments received

Our income management solution acts as the central hub for all income received across all payment channels. From automated bank feeds right through to online, smartphone, kiosk and customer-present payments, our secure solution makes for a much smoother, faster and convenient payments process.

Glasgow Housing Association

Watch our video testimonial to see how Pay360 has supported Glasgow Housing Association to save c£50,000 a year and free up their staff to focus on other areas.


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Pay360 processes over 255 million card transactions worth £11 billion every year for companies like these