Reduce fraud with enhanced online ID verification

Detect fraud early with a flexible platform to perform instant ID checks for global intelligence gathering, enhanced ID checking, anti-money laundering, Know Your Customer and more.

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Check out new and existing customers

Quickly and easily identify high-risk applicants from thousands of unique data points to meet KYC and AML obligations with our powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with existing software.

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Improve conversions when onboarding new customers

Optimize Verify retrieves data from a panel of vendors in milliseconds using a facts-based approach so genuine customers can transact without friction, reducing false positives.

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Lower your business running costs

Verify offers full workflow customisation so you can bring down your capital expenditure and operating expenses (CAPEX and OPEX) by automating processes.

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Expand into international markets

Verify helps you meet AMLD5, PSD2, PCI and GDPR requirements as well as industry specific regulations, including Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), for peace of mind to focus on your new market growth strategy.


What does Optimize Verify check?

Optimize Verify has been designed to support all digital consumer-not-present organisations that have specific requirements for global intelligence gathering, social media analysis, enhanced identity verification (ID&V), anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). 

Optimize Verify scans the following:
  • Address mapping and validation
  • Mobile & browser device recognition
  • Mobile & landline profiling/scoring
  • Compromised, fake or salacious data
  • Incarceration, PEP & sanctions data
  • Address cleansing
  • Account compromise notifications
  • Email profiling
  • Biometric authentication
  • IP geolocation/intelligence
  • Bank account validation
  • Central negative database lookup
  • KYC and KYB checks
  • Person-centric ID profiling
  • Social network biometrics and scoring
  • Document verification