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Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative payment methods (APMs) are the global trend no-one can afford to ignore - make sure you’re offering the popular choices, whether domestic or internationally.

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Extend your global reach

Successfully expand into new international markets and meet customer expectations by offering the payment methods which are most widely-used in that region.

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Boost customer conversions

Give your customers more choice at the checkout by offering a wide range of popular payment methods, speeding up the process, increasing sales and improving customer experience.

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Cut the hassle

We make it easy to add and remove payment methods, cutting the resource, time and costs usually associated with integrating and maintaining multiple options.

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Increase your speed to market

Offering a wide range of payment methods and payment channels, we support your business to easily accept domestic and international payments.


All the alternative payment methods (APMs) to support your success

Choose from over 50 APMs

To ensure we keep pace with domestic and international preferences, we continually add to the number of APMs we offer- over 50 currently, with many available for instant go-live including GiroPay, TrustPay, Sofort, Boleto, Bancontact to name just a few.

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A better customer experience

Customers want the freedom to pay how they choose. Our growing range of popular APMs helps you improve customer experience and conversions by offering payment methods which are in line with domestic and international consumer expectations.

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Easy to set up and maintain

Each alternative payment method works slightly differently which can make integration time-consuming and expensive. With Pay360, a single implementation is all you need to access a wide, growing list of alternative payments.

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Flexible to meet your requirements

It’s easy to select which alternative payments you’d like to offer. Decide which ones you’d like to set up initially, then should you wish to add or remove an alternative payment at a later date, simply call our relationship team and we’ll turn them on or off for you.

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Why you should be offering alternative payment methods (APMs)

  • By the end of 2019, 55% of all online transactions will be made using alternative payment methods. By 2020, 80% of cross-border e-commerce will use local payment methods1

  • 50% of regular shoppers cancel their purchases and abandon checkout if their preferred payment method is not available2

  • Ensuring that your site is properly localised (including support for locally preferred payment methods) can boost conversion rates by up to 70%3

  • GiroPay, which supports all major German banks for direct online transfers, currently has 35 million online consumers4