Automated phone payments

Our automated phone services give you a cost-effective and convenient way of accepting 24/7 self-service payments, freeing up your staff to handle other enquiries.

How it works

Choose the phone payment solution that's right for you

Deploy your chosen solution across your place of business

Benefit from reduced call centre waiting times and increased card security.

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Touch Tone

Provide your customers with a highly secure, convenient, fast and easy to use option to make 24x7 self-service payments using their telephone keypad.

Provided as a fully hosted and managed PCI DSS Level 1 certified service, your customers’ card payments are processed using a proven service that encompasses the highest levels of card security and fraud protection measures.

This solution is firmly established and used by more than 180 organisations, operating within a range of markets, to take around 500,000 payments each month for a wide variety of goods and services.


Easy to setup

Pay for multiple services

Pay off account balances in full or partial amount

Pass on card surcharges


Comprehensive transaction reporting


Speech Recognition

An automated telephony solution which allows your customers to interact with you using that most convenient form of communication - the caller’s own voice.

Speech recognition allows you to deliver a range of services to benefit your customers. Typical uses include providing answers to frequently asked questions, making payments or routing calls to the most appropriate contact point.

Using a dedicated number, your customer is able to quickly navigate through the available options. Guidance is provided by the speech of a ‘virtual agent’, to which the caller responds using their own voice. If the requested service requires authentication (e.g. when supplying account details or making a credit card payment), all responses are validated as the transaction is taking place.


Frees up staff to handle more complex enquiries

Cost reduction vs manual call handling

Scalable - copes easily with any increase in call volumes

Improved service delivery - reduced customer drop-out rate

Call routing - callers seamlessly forwarded to the correct department

Authorise payments in real-time


Making a difference to your business

New to card payments?

Expand your business

Pay360 phone payment services are scalable and highly effective whether you take the occasional payment over the phone or have a call centre taking scores of calls each day. The simple-to-access web solution can be used from a laptop or a bank of PCs in a call centre allowing it to address the needs of a business large or small.

Already taking card payments?

Easy to use

Pay360 telephone services can use Paye.net, a browser-based interface for capturing payments taken by you or your staff over the phone. All you need to take card payments by phone is a standard browser-enabled device and an internet connection.

Are you an enterprise?

Generate repeat orders

Pay360’s self-service telephone payment options use touch-tone and speech recognition technologies, which reduce call times, free up staff and creates a 24/7 ‘virtual’ customer services advisor. This delivers an overall improvement to the customer experience and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Are you an enterprise?

Real-time reporting

Your customer’s payment details are passed in real time to the Capita system, giving you the ability to query and report on your transactions at any time. Our simple-to-use tools give you an accurate and instant view of your business’ performance.

All major credit and debit cards supported

  • MasterCard
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • Diners Club
  • American Express
  • Pingit
  • PayPal

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