Payment Collections

Pay360 works with all major credit cards, debit cards and payment methods. So you can collect card, cash and direct debt payments whenever and wherever you like

Make payment collections quicker and easier. Pay360 is built using the latest technology, providing more choice and convenience for your customer. It’s flexible and adapts to businesses and organisations of all sizes, in all sectors. Whether you’re collecting rent, subscriptions or payments for utilities, Pay360 is the only payments service you'll ever need.

How it works

Build your code, integrating our APIs with your own systems

Customers buy on your site or app, with the entire experience controlled by you

Your server sends requests to the Pay360 APIs to process payments

Online payments




With the ability to seamlessly integrate into apps and 3rd party systems, as well as send payment links via SMS, live chat or email, we make it simple for your customers to pay whenever and however they want.

Online payment solutions collections


Over-the-counter payments




We offer a wide range of over the counter payments including card, cash, cheque and Contactless payments (including Apple Pay).

Point of sale solutions collections


Telephone payments




Our telephone payment systems help to remove the PCI burden and can be used for one-off only payments or in call centres. These are available as a staff assisted or fully automated service.

Phone payment solutions collections


Recurring card payments




Make life easier for your customers with the ability to create a flexible schedule of card payments.


Automated bank payments




We also provide the ability to take payments via Direct Debits, bank transfers and the ability to import bank information to aid reconciliation.


Kiosk payments




We allow payments to be made 24/7 by card or cash. We can either install new kiosks, or your existing kiosks can be upgraded to work with our systems.

Kiosk payments collections


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