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Our range of fraud and risk management solutions allow you to add an additional layer of cardholder security, whilst protecting your business from online fraud.

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3D Secure - Standard protection

Add an extra layer of cardholder security and protect yourself from chargebacks by enabling 3D Secure for payments made through your website.

3D Secure authentication is an additional security layer that allows cardholders to create a password for payments made online. This password then presents itself at the point of payment before the payment is complete, adding an extra layer of security for the cardholder.

As well as making online payments safer for consumers, it also benefits merchants from being able to offset any chargebacks to card issuer. This means should you suffer from any fraudulent payment activity through your website (that pass the 3D Secure verification checks) which the cardholder disputes, you’ll be able to offset this ‘liability’ to the card issuer.

As Pay360 we currently support 3DSecure on Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and Amex SafeKey transactions.


Extra cardholder protection

Offset chargeback liability to card issuers

Works with all Visa, MasterCard and Amex transactions


FraudGuard - Advanced protection

Looking for a simple to use fraud management solution that lets you setup risk profiles and automate your fraud prevention controls?

Introducing FraudGuard V5, our proven fraud prevention tool that allows you to create and automate your very own payment acceptance strategies.

Handling a high volume of transactions can prove troublesome for some businesses, especially those operating in high risk markets. You want to be able to maximise your acceptance of genuine customer transactions whilst minimising your exposure to fraudulent ones. Better yet, you want to be able to automate this as much as possible, allowing your risk or review teams to only spend their time reviewing transactions that fall into your ‘grey’ zone.

FraudGuard has been developed with all this mind, providing a wide range of detection and screening capabilities. Powered by real-time data, FraudGuard V5 provides actionable insights helping you to spot emerging fraudulent trends and prevent fraudulent activities with just few clicks.


Automate fraud controls

Setup bespoke risk profiles and trigger points

Highly configurable rules engine

Advanced detection capabilities

Visual data representation

Streamline manual screening process

Optimize360 - Enterprise protection

Looking for a visual fraud and risk management solution, that leverages 3rd party data, allows you to build highly bespoke payment acceptance strategies and more efficient risk management processes?

Introducing our state-of-the-art Optimize360 platform. Through a single integration you can benefit from access to a highly configurable rules management suit, a rich interface of payments and multiple 3rd party data vendors.

By leveraging user-centric rules building capabilities, a vast array of valuable data points, and a consolidated transaction management + investigation tool, you can ensure that you’re always mitigating the risk contextually, using the relevant and necessary information, with just few simple clicks.

Optimize360 provides the right solution to streamline your fraud and verification operations, optimise vendor’s orchestration, save on the cost of integration + maintenance and free up manpower - leaving you to focus on growing your core business.


Enterprise fraud and risk management solution

3rd party data vendors

User-centric rules building capabilities

Build rules on a vast array of valuable data points

Consolidated transaction management + investigation tool

Streamline your fraud and verification operations

Making a difference to your business

New to card payments?

Streamline your review process

Effortlessly configure fraud controls and screening rules in just a few simple clicks. Ensuring an efficient, fraud detection and manual review process.

Already taking card payments?

Minimise Chargeback rates

Combine our powerful screening tools with bespoke acceptance strategies to help ensure a low chargeback rate.

Are you an enterprise?

Real time decisioning

Empower your payment and fraud teams with highly visual and actionable insights, enabling them to make better informed decisions using real-time data.

Are you an enterprise?

Increase revenues

Maximise revenues by safely controlling entry into international markets. Since each market behaves differently, you can now configure bespoke rules for each region and business channel, ensuring maximum acceptance and a better customer experience.

All major credit and debit cards supported

  • MasterCard
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • Diners Club
  • American Express
  • Pingit
  • PayPal

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