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KYC & AML Solutions for Fraud & Risk Management

New technology designed to help you combat fraud, analyse and accept genuine customers, streamline decision-making processes and increase revenues.

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State-of-the-art technology to increase efficiencies

Our Optimize suite allows you to make more accurate automated decisions, whilst giving internal fraud & risk teams access to more advanced workflow and investigation tools, helping to uncover fraudulent patterns of behaviour faster and with greater ease.

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Improve acceptance rates with better automated decisions

Optimize lets you build highly bespoke payment and customer acceptance strategies by giving you access to over 2000 data points to build into your acceptance criteria. This makes your automated systems better at spotting both genuine and fraudulent transactions.

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Defer fewer genuine transactions with better decision making

Reduce the strain on internal fraud & risk teams by only deferring transactions that do not pass your advanced automated checks. With more data to build into your acceptance criteria, the area of uncertainty is reduced, minimising the number of false positives.

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Easily uncover and decline fraudulent transactions

More advanced automated checks can instantly dismiss obvious fraudulent transactions, whilst advanced link analysis and risk mining technology give your internal fraud & risk teams visual tools to uncover hidden patterns of fraudulent behaviour.


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How much potential revenue are you writing off?

This video covers:

the benefits of our award winning fraud and risk managment solution in just over 60 seconds.

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The Optimize Suite

With access to more data sources, advanced automation technology and cutting-edge workflow and investigation tools, Optimize is both a next-generation risk management solution and an advanced optimisation suite.

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Optimize - Evaluate

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A modern rules engine that allows for advanced automated decisions. With over 160 transaction data points to choose from, and many more available via Optimize Verify, you can finally create bespoke rules for more advanced payment and customer acceptance strategies.

  • 160+ data points
  • Easy rules binding
  • Rules testing
  • Real-time
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Optimize - Verify

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Ensure every decision is an informed decision. With access to over 65 external data sources via a single integration, you can now leverage multiple data sources with 1000's of data points for increased decision-making accuracy.

  • Single integration
  • Social Media checks
  • 65+ data sources
  • Seamless KYC/AML checks
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Optimize - Manage

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Make your internal processes more efficient. With the ability to manage all deferred transactions though a single interface, and assign tasks at the touch of a button, Optimize ensures you can effectively prioritise workloads on a global scale.

  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • Priority tracking
  • Real-time
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Optimize - Investigate

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Make case management decisions faster and with more accuracy. Our visual investigation tools feature cutting-edge link analysis and risk mining technology, allowing teams to effortlessly drill into data to uncover hidden trends and patterns.

  • More data sources
  • Faster decisions
  • More accuracy
  • Less resource intensive
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Auto add to black list

Our auto add to black list feature works whilst a transaction is in-flight, to automatically blacklist any related ‘key risk indicators’ associated with a fraudulent transaction, in real-time.

Pay360 featured highlight for Optimize - Assign task

Assign task

Need to assign tasks to risk teams on a global scale and manage them all through one interface? Our Assign task feature within the Optimize - Manage module lets you do exactly that at the click of a button.


Solving today's problems

Online fraud is on the increase


The Optimize suite has a comprehensive rules building platform that allows your fraud prevention strategies to evolve with ever changing threats.

Acceptance rates are declining


The Optimize suite allows you to easily manage deferred transitions using a configurable queue and workflow process. Simply assign users and define outcomes.

Keeping fraud under control results in lost income and increasing operational costs


The advaced tools availible in our Optimize suite will save you valuable time getting to the point of case to enable fast, informed decisions.

Legacy Fraud Detection systems are ageing


The Optimize suite provides access to multiple 3rd party data vendors for rapid bespoke investigations and analysis of your customers and their data.

50% to 70% of deferred transactions are 'approved'


The Optimize suite will enable faster, more accurate decisions with with integrated data vendors and automated workflows.

Make a difference to your business

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Steamline compliance

Meet your compliance and regulatory requirements and increase customer acceptance with seamless, enhanced customer authentication including access to device, telephone, geo, KYC, AML and even social media data.

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Improve efficiencies

Create and manage your fraud strategies with instant effect and free up valuable staff time with advanced workflow, self-learning tools and an intuitive user-friendly interface.

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Increase conversions

Increase customer conversion at checkout with more accurate and automated decision making with unparalleled access to more than 2,000 points of data and customer information.

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Enhanced decision making

Make decisions more quickly and identify previously undiscoverable threats and relationships at the click of a button, using our market leading, interactive link analysis tools.