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E-Invoicing and Debt Management

IncomeAI is a digital invoicing and debt recovery solution using smart automation to improve the debt management and payment process.

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IncomeAI Artificial Intelligence

Self-learning artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence improves collection rates as transaction volumes grow, while smart automation reduces the cost of collecting payments and speeds up the process for quick, efficient revenue collection.

Communication channels IncomeAI

Additional communication channels

The additional communication channels of SMS and emails allows you to deliver communications directly to your customers quickly and effectively.

payment solutions incomeai

Choice of payment solutions

Our Debt Management solution is fully integrated with Pay360 services so you can provide a choice of UK payment methods, which will help increase the conversion rate and improve cash flow.

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Fully branded landing pages

Our e-invoicing and debt management services are white labelled solutions to enable you to customise emails and landing pages with your corporate branding – so the customer will see it as your brand.

Customer Centric IncomeAI

Customer-centric approach

Our technology is designed to focus on customers’ needs and behaviours, helping them feel well-served and valued, which in return increases the rate of collections and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Flexible cross-platform integration IncomeAI

Flexible cross-platform integration

No matter which systems you work with, our flexible technology can easily be integrated with your systems and platforms.


IncomeAI How does it work

Invoice gets raised

System determines most successful communication channel and time period to send invoice

System monitors customer response based on communication channel and time period

Invoices can be opened via a secure link on any smartphone, tablet or laptop device

Mobile responsive payment pages with integrated payment options allow for quick and simple payment


Product features

We cover the full end-to-end process for digital payment reminders. From e-invoicing, through to the communication process and debt management. With our intelligent system we offer a broad range of digital communication channels and payment methods.

1. E-Invoicing

Simplify your invoicing process by sending invoices or payment notifications by email and SMS, with embedded payment options optimised for all channels.

Automated e-invoicing IncomeAI

2. Debt Management

Use a flexible solution that encourages payments to be made on time at a lower cost than traditional channels, and minimise administrative errors.

Debt Management Solution IncomeAI

3. Debt Collection

Speed up recovery rates with IncomeAI where it switches to debt collection mode when payment notifications haven’t led to a payment being made.

Debt Collection Solution IncomeAI

Working with Pay360's debt management system is a win-win situation for both the company and the customer

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Company efficiency

Cost reduction through smart automation

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Customer transparency

Fair and open communication

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Company effectiveness

Higher repayment rate and faster execution

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Customer Orientation

Communication via the preferred channel

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Customer retention

Increased level of satisfaction causing repurchases

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Time saving

Simple and frictionless payment