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Our Hosted Card Payments and Bespoke Card Payments services are designed to grow with your business. You can add on any of these features whenever you need:

Fraud Prevention

Protect customers and your business with Pay360 fraud protection


Our range of fraud and risk management solutions allow you to add an additional layer of cardholder security, whilst protecting your business from online fraud.

3D Secure - Standard protection

Add an extra layer of cardholder security and protect yourself from chargebacks by enabling 3D Secure for payments made through your website.

FraudGuard - Advanced protection

Looking for a simple to use fraud management solution that lets you to setup risk profiles and automate your fraud prevention controls? Introducing FraudGuard V5, our proven fraud prevention tool that allows you to create and automate your very own payment acceptance strategies.

ERP - Enterprise protection

Looking for a visual fraud and risk management solution, that leverages 3rd party data, allows you to build highly bespoke payment acceptance strategies and more efficient risk management processes? Introducing our state-of-the-art Enterprise Risk Platform. Through a single integration you can benefit from access to a highly configurable rules management suit, a rich interface of payments and multiple 3rd party data vendors.

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CardLock removes the need for you to capture and store sensitive card data

What is CardLock

CardLock is a tokenisation service that provides you with the control & flexibility to retain your own end-to-end payment experience, whilst significantly reducing your PCI responsibilities.

How does it work?

CardLock removes the need for you to capture and store sensitive card data, when using your own payment systems. It works by intercepting card data entered on your payment page, and securing it to our PCI Level 1 environment. Instead, we'll provide you with a token which you can use to process each payment. This whole process happens in real-time and is completely invisible to your customer - ensuring there is no impact to their checkout journey.



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Intelligent Reporting

Turn information into insight, and insight into impact


Our range of Intelligent Reporting tools delivers real-time, consolidated access to your data, as well as the tools necessary to build actionable customer and business insights.

What can Intelligent Reporting do for my business?
  • Get closer to your customers by understanding their preferences.
  • Democratise data by empowering every member of your organisation with self-service access to data.
  • Improve business efficiencies and make better informed business decisions.
  • Report on your KPIs with consolidated access to all your different payment channels.
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Cash Payments

Reach millions of consumers who browse online but are without access to debit/credit cards


Looking for a unique way to increase your online conversions? Or how about a way to reach millions of consumers who browse online but are without access to debit/credit cards? What about offering your customers another means of payment in the event of card declines? With Cash payments all this is possible and more.

How do Cash payments work?

This is a unique online cash payment method that allows customers to shop online and pay for their goods or services, in cash, at any one of over 29,000 PayPoint convenience stores.

It’s a fully mobile payment experience that’s simple to integrate and easy to for your customers to use. All they need is a smartphone to be able complete a cash payment.

What can Cash payments do for my business?
  • Increase your online conversions by offering a greater range of payment options.
  • Gain access to millions of consumers who are without debit/credit cards.
  • Provide an additional means of payment in the event of card declines.
  • Provide a simple and convenient way for all types of customers to settle outstanding debt.

You can add Cash payments alongside your existing card processing facilities, and all Cash payments transactions can be seen through the same reporting software used for online card payments.

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Email Payments

EmailPay allows you to send your customers secure links directing them straight to your branded payment page


Whether you’re collecting for one off payment requests, chasing arrears, managing call centre payments, or even dealing with subscription payment setups, EmailPay is a perfect way of streamlining your collections process - making you more efficient at collecting the money you’re owed.

And because customers complete the transactions themselves, via their mobiles or online, you can benefit from 3D Secure and more sophisticated fraud controls. Together this means lower costs and lower risks than call centre payments.

What can Email payments do for my business?
  • Eliminate unnecessary admin with more phone and manual payments being redirected to the web.
  • Free up call centre traffic allowing staff to handle other customer needs more quickly.
  • Reduce costs as web payments are a cheaper and more secure alternative to MOTO payments.
  • Remove the PCI burden of handling sensitive card data from manual or call centre transactions by transferring them to a PCI compliant web page.
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Pingit Payments

Let people pay with their mobile via Barclays Pingit


Give your customers a quicker payment experience with Pingit 'Mobile Checkout' from Barclays.

Barclays Pingit 'Mobile Checkout' allows your customers to benefit from a quicker payment experience as there is no need for customers to enter credit or debit card numbers or bank details.

How does it work?

When your customer uses their smartphone or tablet to make an online payment, Pay360 detects that the customer is using a smartphone and provides them with a choice of paying through traditional debit or credit card, or paying through Barclays Pingit.

What can Pingit payments do for my business?
  • Enable a fast payment checkout for customers using a mobile device.
  • Reduce payment abandonment by offering your customers additional payment methods.
  • Reduced transaction costs with payments made through Pingit being cheaper to process.
  • Improved cash flow as payments made through Pingit are immediate.
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Accept PayPal payments on your website


Give your customers more choice at the checkout by adding PayPal (the payment method of choice for 1 in 3 UK online shoppers) to your Pay360 online payments solution.

Tight integration with Pay360 reporting tools will allow you to view and track PayPal transactions alongside other payment types allowing you to manage all of your transactions in the one place.

What can PayPal payments do for my business?
  • Easy integration.
  • Give your customers a greater choice of payment type.
  • Increase your checkout conversion by offering multiple payment options.
  • View all of your PayPal transactions through our reporting software.
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Flexible, scalable, secure. Accept card payments on your website whilst delivering a quick and seamless payment experience.

Online payment solutions online

Face to Face

Face to Face

Giving you ultimate flexibility at the point of sale. Take payments in-store, over the counter or wherever your business takes you.

Point of sale solutions face to face

By Phone

By Phone

From an occasional payment to full call centre services, our cutting edge technology means your customer is not left hanging on the line.

Phone payment solutions phone


Payment Collections

We work with all major credit cards, debit cards and payment methods. So you can collect card, cash and direct debt payments with ease.

Collection services collections


Fraud Prevention

All round protection. Our fraud & risk management solutions help to protect you and your customers' from online fraud.

Secure your business fraud

Intelligent Reporting

Intelligent Reporting

Gain consolidated access to your data, as well as the tools necessary to build actionable customer and business insights.

Unlock your data Understand your customers


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