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The documentation you need depends on the platform you are using, so contact your account manager or the Pay360 team on 0333 313 7160 to ensure you access the most up to date and relevant documentation for you.

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Support with legacy integration - Private Sector

We will be decommissioning our legacy payment platforms on July 1, 2021 (Metacharge) and September 1, 2021 (SecPay), and are not supporting new integrations to these services. Legacy integration documents can be provided to support existing integrations by contacting our Support team.

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Access our latest online developer docs - Private Sector

Our Advanced Payments platform documentation gives you access to our latest payment gateway, tokenisation, APMs, fraud & risk management solutions and much more…

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Request access to our latest developer docs - Public Sector

Ensure you access the most up to date and relevant documentation by contacting your account manager or call the Pay360 team on 0333 313 7160.