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Cardholder enquiry

If you have any questions relating to a purchase from a website that carries the Pay360 logo, you must contact the website directly. Pay360 is the authorised payment provider but not the owner of the site and will not be able to help you with your query

Your questions answered

Please contact the website you purchased goods from directly as Pay360 is only an authorised payment provider but not the owner of the website.

We do not personally hold any stock that our merchants provide. You must contact the merchant that you purchased the goods/services from. Your order is the responsibility of the company you have purchased from, please refer to the company's contact details on their website.

We do not manage the right to issue refunds to a customer’s card so unfortunately we are unable to help in this matter directly. Please contact the website that you purchased the goods from. Any goods purchased through Pay360's merchants are the responsibility of the company who own and run the website. We do not handle any monies and cannot provide a refund.

Should you not receive a response from the website your purchased the goods/services from within 48 hours of lodging your card payment query, we would recommend contacting your bank (that the card is issued to). Your bank will be able to explain what options are available to you regarding a refund.

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